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Company Incorporations in the Netherlands: Your Dutch Business Journey Starts Here

Unlock the potential of the Dutch market as your gateway to European business success with FirmNL. Our expertise lies in simplifying company incorporations, custom-tailored for the Netherlands.

Choose to open a Besloten Vennootschap (“BV”), a Naamloze Vennootschap (“NV”), or a branch. For entrepreneurs, we recommend the strategic combination of a holding BV with an operational company. Let us guide you through this optimal incorporation process.

Why Choose FirmNL for Dutch Company Incorporations?

Embarking on a Dutch business venture requires local expertise and a solid understanding of Dutch corporate regulations. Here’s why we’re your ideal partner:


With a deep-rooted presence in the Netherlands, our team possesses in-depth knowledge of Dutch business practices, legal requirements, and market dynamics.

Personalized Guidance

Every Dutch business is unique, and we treat it as such. Our approach ensures that your company incorporation aligns precisely with your vision and objectives within the Dutch context.

Efficiency at
Its Best

Time is of the essence in business. We excel in streamlining the incorporation process, expediting the setup and registration of your Dutch company.

Comprehensive Support

From selecting the most suitable legal structure for your Dutch business to acquiring the necessary permits and licenses, we offer end-to-end support.

Your Dutch Business Success Story Starts Here

FirmNL is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs, SMEs, and businesses of all sizes looking to establish a presence in the Netherlands. Whether you’re launching a startup, expanding your reach, or seeking new horizons in the Dutch market, we’re your committed partner on this exciting Dutch business journey.

Take the first step toward Dutch business success with FirmNL. Let’s create your unique Dutch success story together.

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