Here, you’ll find answers to common questions about establishing a company in the Netherlands, covering everything from legal requirements and registration procedures to taxation and business structures. Our goal is to provide you with clear and concise information to help you make informed decisions and set your business up for success in the vibrant Dutch market.

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Company Registration

It depends on your business, but it is common to incorporate a holding + operational company. In most cases, a sole BV is sufficient.

Please provide us proof of your identity, a recent utility bill or bank statement, and a document showing your Tax Identification Number.

The BV can be incorporated in 5-7 working days.

Bank Account

Not Necessarily, you’re okay as long you have an IBAN.

Provide us with your documents, corporate documents, and chambers of commerce extract.

Your business account can be opened in 10 working days.


The standard CIT rate is 25.8%. There are two taxable income brackets. A lower rate of 19% applies to the first income bracket of EUR 200,000. The standard rate applies to the excess of the taxable income.

Accounting, request VAT number, VAT returns, request EORI, fiscal representative, financial statements, and corporate income tax filing.

VAT returns need to be done each quarter (4x a year), financial statements (1x a year), corporate tax filing (1x a year), and accounting or bookkeeping monthly.


European Blue Card and Highly Skilled Migrant Visa.

University degree and appropriate Dutch wage.

Yes, it is possible after a few years with the European Blue Card program.

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