Open an account with a Dutch IBAN after the incorporation of your BV.

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Why Partner with FirmNL for Your Banking Requirements?

When it comes to your banking needs, FirmNL stands out as an excellent choice. Here’s why our banking services are the right fit for you.


Cost efficiency is crucial for business success. Leveraging our broad network and expertise, FirmNL opens accounts with competitive pricing in the market for your Besloten Vennootschap, thus giving you a great chance to increase profitability. 

International Banking Network

Our reach extends globally, not just within the Netherlands. With an expansive international banking network, FirmNL grants access to a diverse range of financial institutions. Our services offer you many options and flexibility when selecting the perfect financial partner for your business, both domestically and abroad.

Unparalleled Customer Care

FirmNL places customer service as its utmost priority. Your needs are paramount, and we offer personalized support throughout your banking journey. Your satisfaction with the results is our foremost concern.

Unlock the FirmNL Banking Advantage:

FirmNL simplifies and elevates your banking experience in the Netherlands and beyond. Our commitment to securing competitive pricing, providing access to an international banking network, and delivering unparalleled customer care distinguishes us as your preferred banking partner.

Allow us to lead the way post-incorporation and enhance your company’s financial standing in the Netherlands.

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